Creative Concepting & Editing

During my time at YoungCapital I got the opportunity to create several video’s the communicate the course we’re heading with the company. On one case I got to make a video that was shown during our annual kick-off, where everyone working at our company was present. Using a David Attenborough adaptation we told everyone we needed to change things up. This video was solely based on stock footage and material from previous video’s we’ve mad in the past. The sound design was done by Arjen Toonen.

During another (livestream) event I was asked to create a video to communicate the new strategy of the company. In this video we also say ‘it’s time to switch things up’, hence the change of language mid video. In this project I created the concept, wrote the script along with a coworker, did the edit and selected the footage. This too was based on old material along with some stock footage. Since it relied heavy on animation this was one project I am particularly proud of. I selected the base track which was later remixed by, again, Arjen Toonen.